Natalie and Maddie winning the White Longwool Yearling Ewe class and then going on to win White Champion Longwool Ewe.THANK YOU FOR VISITING


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2010 Black Sheep Gathering

Champion AAGBA Yearling Buck
Champion AAGBA Aged Doe
Champion AAGBA Yearling Doe
Judges Choice; Best Fleece

2010 BSG Grand Championship Tracy And Pat Ross Doe; Sissy

2009 OFFF

Grand Champion White Ram
Champion Longwool Ram
1st Place White Longwool Yearling Ram
Reserve Champion White Ram
Champion White Fine/Medium
1st Place White Fine/Medium Yearling

OFFF Goat Show

2nd Place 2-5 year old Pygora Does
Judges Choice Most Improvement between Mother and Daughter
Reserve Champion Pygora Junior Doeling
1st Place 6-9 month old Doe

Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Mohair

Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Mohair

Fleece Show

Best Goat of Show
Grand Champion Goat Fleece (Samba)
Reserve Grand Champion Goat Fleece (Brenna)
Champion White Doe Goat Fleece
Champion Red Buckling Fleece
2nd Place Sanction PBA Goat Fleece
2nd Place Buck Sanction PBA Goat Fleece


2009 BSG

National Grand Champion (Samba)
Grand Champion CAGBA (Samba)
Champion 2 yr old Doe (Samba)
Best CAGBA Fleece (Samba)


2008 OFFF

Champion Natural Colored Longwool Ewe; Lady
1st Place Natural Colored Longwool Yearling Ewe; Lady
Fiber Goats (other) Champion Buckling; Henry

Champion (other fiber goats division)

Henry winning Champion (Other Fiber Goats Division)Fiber Goats (other) 1st Place Buckling; Henry Fiber Goats (other) Reserve Champion Doeling; Tulip

Fiber Goats (other) 2nd Place Doeling; Tulip
CAGBA Judges Choice; Samba
CAGBA Champion; Samba
CAGBA 1st Place; Samba

2008 BSG

Reserve Champion Bluefaced Leicester Ewe Lamb; Delila
1st Place Bluefaced Leicester Ewe Lamb; Delila
Champion White Longwool Yearling Ewe; Maddie
Champion NCWGA Longwool Yearling Ram Class; Peter
1st Place NCWGA Longwool Yearling Ram Class; Peter
Champion NCWGA Longwool Yearling Ewe Class; Lady
1st Place NCWGA LongwoolYearling Ewe Class;Lady
2nd Place Women’s Lead Class; Mohair Scarve (out of 22 entries)
2nd Place Blueflace Leicester Ewe Lamb; Sister

2007 OFFF

Reserve Champion Wensleydale Ram; Billy Rae
1st Place Wensleydale Ram; Billy Rae
Champion White Longwool; Billy Rae
Reserve Champion White Longwool; Gertrude Stein
1st Place White Longwool; Gertrude Stein

Lovalee winning with Cloudspun Samba, CAGBA Grand Champion, Judges Choice (best fleece),and Champion

Lovalee winning with Cloudspun Samba, CAGBA Grand Champion, Judges Choice (best fleece), and Champion

1st Place White Longwool; Billy Rae
1st Place Colored Longwool; Alice and Susie
2nd Place Camelid Category; Llama Mama
2nd Place Pygora Category; Perfecta
1st Place Photograph Competition; Sombre

2006 Lambtown

Best Fleeced Animal; Gertrude Stein
1st place Longwool Ewe Lamb
Reserve Champion Longwool Ewe; Gertrude Stein

2006 BSG

Champion Longwool Ewe; Gertrude Stein
1st Place Longwool Ewe Lamb