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Southern California AAGBA, CAGBA Angora and Pygora Goats

We took some pictures of a few of the spring 2010 kids today. The little black doe is on my Stock Sales list but looking at her here makes me want to keep her.

Things are very mello today and I am very happy  because Hawks Mountain Ranch Pygoras just released their sales list (to me) today.  I was the 2nd person on the list and so get to browse without the worry of anyone buying the goats I want. Lisa Roskopf  (Hawks Mountain) takes deposits a year ahead of her kidding.  Once the list is ready, she will email each person with a private link to the “sales list.”  It is quite novel and makes you feel so special.  Today is my day, and I am loving it.  I keep going back and forth and looking.

Below is a picture of one of my little Pygora doelings being startled by the peacock.  This little doe is also on our sales list.


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  1. Sorry, I missed this email. Please email me if you are looking for animals again. Natalie

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