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Yarnival; Camp Pluckyfluff at Boeger Winery!

I feel so terrible that I don’t Blog more often.  I really need to try.  I think what happens is the social networking like Ravelry and Facebook end up always getting first dibs.  If I have new designs or fleeces for sale…no matter what, I go to Facebook or Ravelry.

So, what is really new is that Vogue Knitting is coming to Namaste Farms on the 25th of September.  No one said “Editorial” but I am unsure it really matters.  What is most important is that both editors, Trish Malcom and Doreen Connors are coming to our farm.

I just got back from the Yarnival and Boeger Winery; aka Camp Pluckyfluff.  It was amazing because Lexi is an artist in the truest sense of the word.  She inspired me to start spinning horsehair.  Once I was using it I thought, “I have all these mecates and mohair cinchas, why I haven’t thought of this before blows my mind!”  Seriously, being around genius, makes us better people!  So, that is all I’ve got right now.  You can friend request me on FB at Namaste Farms and find me on Ravelry, Namaste Farms group.

Here are some picts from Yarnival/Camp Pluckyfluff



Knitting/Spinning, Yoga, Fiber Farm Tour!!!

Namaste Farms is having a farm tour open to the public! Come and learn about farm, flock, fiber and fitness! Please go to google maps, Namaste Farms, for directions. Don’t forget to RSVP with Daily Fiber Yarn Co.