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Lovalee and Natalie “Winning” LOL (thank you Charlie Sheen)

Lovalee and I are getting ready for Estes Park in June; we will head to BSG in Oregon afterwards.  I have been really busy on Facebook (Namaste Farms) and Ravelry (Namaste Farms Group).  If you can’t find what you are looking for here or want to know what we are up to…please look for me there!


Seaside Feather Fanciers Ventura 2009

Seaside Feather Fanciers Bash at the Beach!

As many of you know, I am a 4-H leader for Murrieta Mustangs. This weekend, (Oct 24th), Lovalee, Jade, Jory and I went to an APA approved poultry show in Ventura, Ca. My girls showed in Showmanship and tied for first! Well, they were the ONLY contenders in Novice, but… I thought it was crafty that they somehow convinced him to give them both first place.

They also did very well in the poultry show. Jadey’s little white call duck from Showcase Stables in Kentucky received Junior Reserve Champion Duck, Junior Reserve Champion Waterfowl and APA Junior Reserve Champion Bantam Duck. I am so happy for her and so happy that Ceirae sold Jade such a nice little drake. Jory was also very happy, she showed three Blue Fawn Call Ducks and the little hen took Best Breed and Best Variety. Her little Blue Fawn Drake took Reserve Variety. I showed three of my poultry; a white Showgirl from Chickedee Farms in Riverside (first and Best Variety), a blue call pullet from Holderreads (BB, BV) and a little blue call drake from Holderreads (first). We are very proud of our poultry. Every bird we showed won a ribbon!


Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival 2009

Namaste Farms just returned from Oregon Flock and Fiber 2009 and we had much success in the fiber show and the sheep show.

My yearling White Longwool Ram, Martin, won his class and then went on to win the Championship. In the White Medium/Finewool yearling ram class, my Bluefaced Leicester ram, Blue, won the class and then went on to win the Championship. Later in the day the two Champion white rams from both the Longwool and Medium/Finewool class faced off for the Grand Championship. Martin ended up with the Grand Championship and Blue was Reserve. It was amazing and quite an honor to have my two rams face off for the Grand Championship… I couldn’t lose either way!

In the Sanctioned Pygora Show, we also had tremendous success. We brought four goats and they all won ribbons plus one Reserve Championship and one Judges choice. Our little white 2009 doeling (Perfecta/60) won her class and then went on to win the Reserve Championship. Later, Namaste Farms two year old doe (Sombre/Clyde) won her class and then went on to win Judges Choice (as a pair with her mother) for most improvement between mother and daughter. Sombre took second in the aged doe class and we were very proud of her. She is getting old AND has given us gorgeous babies every single year since she was a doeling (yes kidded as a doeling).

We did extremely well in the fleece show. We won BEST GOAT of the SHOW and also won HONORABLE MENTION for the BEST FLEECE OF THE ENTIRE SHOW which includes all the wool and other fibers! That is quite an honor. We won Champion and then Grand Champion for Samba’s fleece (clipped from BSG), Champion for our Pygora fleece, and Champion and Reserve Grand Champion for Brenna’s mohair fleece. Our goats where Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion in mohair fleeces! It doesn’t get any better than that.

We are recuperating and getting ready for lambing in early spring. We will have a beautiful selection of Pygora and Angora goats as well as our Longwool sheep. We should be showing our chickens and ducks starting late October so look for more news.

On another note, I am a 4-H leader for Murrieta Mustangs and am very proud. I am project leader of the Poultry project as well as Sheep/Goats. I have always wanted to do this and my kids are very involved. Hopefully I will see some of you at the fairs, poultry shows and fiber festivals. Thanks so much for stopping by!



Every class which Namaste Farms animals entered were winners. In the Bluefaced Leicester pair ewe lambs, Lovalee and Nat won the class. Lovalee went on to win the separate Bluefaced Leicester Ewe Lamb class and then went up against yearling first place and 2nd place winners and won Reserve Championship. In the White Longwool Yearling ewe class, Maddie won handily with her amazing 8 inch staple fleece, completely wowing the Judge. She then went on to win White Champion Longwool ewe. In the NCWGA Longwool Yearling Ram class, our Gotland/Wensleydale ram won the class and then went on to win the Championship. Similarly, in the NCWGA Yearling Ewe class, our Gotland/Wensleydale yearling ewe won her class and then went on to win the Championship. I even won a prize in the Women’s Lead class later Saturday evening with one of my mohair scarves. I was second place against 22 entries and was completely shocked when it was announced on the loud speaker. A fellow Bluefaced Leicester breeder told me to enter at the last minute and I just grabbed the closest scarf in my display. I went up against some amazing knitted items and was truly shocked that my hand spun and simply knitted scarf was so worthy.

On a sad note, my truck was broken into and all my flash drives with my children’s baby pictures were stolen.  My camera with all the BSG pictures also fell victim.  I was devastated about the loss but realized I still have my children and so pictures don’t really matter.  This was an exercise in letting go; I just kept reminding myself.   Oddly enough, a BSG photographer inadvertently sent me a few shots he had taken of Maddie and me.  At least I have one 2008 BSG memory captured in a photograph.  Keep checking back for news.  Martin Dally and I are partnering on some Wensleydale ewes and he is coming to AI my animals in August.  Also, September brings Oregon Flock and Fiber.  I will be showing some percentage Gotlands, Wenslydales and some beautiful angora goats.



Check back for news and pictures of one of my most favorite shows and fiber events.



The theme was Cowabunga, Surf and Sea…a Tribute to the Hereford.  One of the largest fairs in the country invited Namaste Farms miniature cows to participate in the fair as well as the media event.  Our cows were featured on 8 television stations including:  Fox, NBC, ABC and Telemundo. Several Namaste cows remained at the fair for the duration as the “Featured Animals.

“The Orange County Fair makes a tremendous effort to incorpate enjoyable livestock displays as a way for urban and inner city people to come into contact with animals they otherwise may never have an opportunity to meet and touch.  Namaste Farms cows were only too happy to oblige; even our Miniature Hereford Bull was a good sport about being pet and photographed hundreds of times a day . . . for almost an entire month! See our cows.



We are so proud of our showing at OFFF.  The 2006 Wensleydale ram, Billy Rae, was 1st place in Wensleydale Yearling ram class and Reserve Champion Wensleydale ram.  Our fleeces also did fantastic: We were awarded Champion White Longwool (Billy Ray), Reserve Champion White Longwool (Gertrude), 1st Place White Longwool (Gertrude, Billy Rae), 1st Place Colored Longwool (different categories) Alice and Susie, Camelid category 2nd place Llama Mama, Pygora category 2nd place Perfecta.  My husband’s photograph of Sombre (see goats page) also took 1st place in the photos competition!

We had so much fun visiting with all the other competitors as well as having dinner with Susie from Sudan Farms.  Thanks to Sharon Chestnutt for selling us another beautiful Angora doe and Jay Fogarty for selling us our three new alpacas! Our show season is over until next year, hopefully I will have time to spin some beautiful yarn.  We are actively trying to get our store up and running to sell some of the beautiful 1st place fleeces.  Please keep checking back.

Natalie and Wensleydale Ram Winner, Billy Rae. Taking
both 1st place in Wensleydale Yearling Ram Class and
Reserve Champion Wensleydale Ram.