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Poor Elaine!

Elaine got her leg caught up in her pool and dislocated her tibial-tarsus. She is in a spilnt and is recovering well. She is now “officially” my most expensive addition…cost to purchase, $50.00; cost to fix leg, $232.00.


Namaste Farms has a “Supermodel!”

Blossom was chosen to be in a coffee table book by Andrew Grant, Carlsbad, Ca. Andrew is an amazing photographer and is putting together a book for charity to benefit animal shelters. Please go to his website:


Spring is here!

Wishes the barnyard kitten!

Wishes the barnyard kitten!

While Namaste Farms advocates spay and neuter, we had unexpected feral cats have kittens. They were a welcome surprise and are growing up beautifully. Thanks to Fixnation in Van Nuys, the mothers have been spayed and the kittens are due to be at 10 weeks old. We do love our barn cats!


Namaste Farms new poultry and waterfowl obsession!

Here are some "run of the mill" backyard runner ducks. They aren't part of our breeding program but I love their sassy attitudes! They lay amazing amounts of eggs and are so enjoyable to watch.

We have been scanning the United states to find the BEST breeders of French Marans, Giant Cochins, true Ameracaunas, Sebastopol Geese and Bantam Silky Ducks. We have eggs in the incubator, chicks in the brooder and older birds free ranging. Please check our website often to see what’s going on with our poultry and waterfowl.

Baby chicks


Our first Percentage Racka’s were born this year!



Namaste Farms has begun an upgrading program for Racka Sheep in the United States. Racka’s are a Hungarian breed which have beautiful long spiral horns in both rams and ewes. They are considered hardy and prolific. Their fleece weight can be as much as 6 lbs and has a fiber diameter of 12-40 microns. Their fleeces are highly sought after by handspinners due to their beautiful shades of reddish brown and their softness. Racka’s are extremely rare with less than 15 percentage Racka’s in the U.S. today. Namaste Farms has purchased (from Super Sire Ltd.) a substantial amount of Racka semen to insure the future of our breeding program. Our first percentage Racka’s were born this year and are beautiful. Ewe lambs born from polled mothers are developing substantial horns and are showing strong Racka characteristics. We are very excited!




Jade asleep with Priscilla when she was two days old!

Jade asleep with two day old Priscilla!

Jade wanted to sleep with Priscilla, her first night slumbering in the house. She took care of her and bottle fed her through the night. Priscilla was very happy!


The two babies playing at the park!


Roan and his baby lamb Priscilla Pumpernickel Potter playing at the park!

Roan and his baby lamb Priscilla Pumpernickel Potter playing at the park!

Priscilla is a blind Babydoll Southdown lamb who wears diapers and lives in the house. She goes everywhere with us because she must be bottle fed!