Yarnival; Camp Pluckyfluff at Boeger Winery!

I feel so terrible that I don’t Blog more often.  I really need to try.  I think what happens is the social networking like Ravelry and Facebook end up always getting first dibs.  If I have new designs or fleeces for sale…no matter what, I go to Facebook or Ravelry.

So, what is really new is that Vogue Knitting is coming to Namaste Farms on the 25th of September.  No one said “Editorial” but I am unsure it really matters.  What is most important is that both editors, Trish Malcom and Doreen Connors are coming to our farm.

I just got back from the Yarnival and Boeger Winery; aka Camp Pluckyfluff.  It was amazing because Lexi is an artist in the truest sense of the word.  She inspired me to start spinning horsehair.  Once I was using it I thought, “I have all these mecates and mohair cinchas, why I haven’t thought of this before blows my mind!”  Seriously, being around genius, makes us better people!  So, that is all I’ve got right now.  You can friend request me on FB at Namaste Farms and find me on Ravelry, Namaste Farms group.

Here are some picts from Yarnival/Camp Pluckyfluff



Lovalee and Natalie “Winning” LOL (thank you Charlie Sheen)

Lovalee and I are getting ready for Estes Park in June; we will head to BSG in Oregon afterwards.  I have been really busy on Facebook (Namaste Farms) and Ravelry (Namaste Farms Group).  If you can’t find what you are looking for here or want to know what we are up to…please look for me there!


Mandarin Duck Anyone?

I had this little hatchling and couldn’t resist using it for this “photo op.”  It is about the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Mandarin ducks are a Feng Shui symbol for relationships.


Southern California AAGBA, CAGBA Angora and Pygora Goats

We took some pictures of a few of the spring 2010 kids today. The little black doe is on my Stock Sales list but looking at her here makes me want to keep her.

Things are very mello today and I am very happy  because Hawks Mountain Ranch Pygoras just released their sales list (to me) today.  I was the 2nd person on the list and so get to browse without the worry of anyone buying the goats I want. Lisa Roskopf  (Hawks Mountain) takes deposits a year ahead of her kidding.  Once the list is ready, she will email each person with a private link to the “sales list.”  It is quite novel and makes you feel so special.  Today is my day, and I am loving it.  I keep going back and forth and looking.

Below is a picture of one of my little Pygora doelings being startled by the peacock.  This little doe is also on our sales list.


Doreen Wolf and Cub Yoga with my Children

Poor Doreen; I have recruited her to play with my kids and teach them yoga.  She is a great sport and even figured out how to make it fun for them. It is like “Acro-yoga,” and we call it, “Cub Yoga.”  She is “The Wolf” and they are her “Cubs.”  I love her name, ” The Yoga Wolf .”  It is so fiery and is the perfect complement for her calm demeanor.  We are huge fans!

In the spirit of yoga-ing with my children, she agreed to be photographed for a display for the Murrieta Library.


Namaste Yarn Featured in Knitch Magazine

Namaste Farms was recently featured in Knitch Magazine! The article, titled “Shephardresses — Flocking to a Unique Career,” features Natalie Redding and other shephardresses in this unique industry.

Click Here to Read Article (pdf)


The Daily Knitter Yarn Review!!!

Namaste Farms Wool and Fiber

Try and imagine the most beautiful, luxurious yarn you can think of. Dream up the most vibrant colors and rich textures — a real feast for the eyes. That picture in your head is exactly what was sent to us by Namaste Farms Wool and Fiber. Owner and Shepherdess Natalie Redding raises, shows, and shears her own sheep and goats from her Southern California farm. She takes great pride in shearing, washing, dying and spinning the yarn herself. And boy, it sure shows.

The one-of-a-kind yarn Natalie creates she refers to as “Accent Yarns,” meaning it’s ideal for combining with commercial yarns as embellishment or fringe. The skeins sizes vary, but the yardage is typically small. Our care package included a drop-dead gorgeous scarf, illustrating the possibilities when merging multiple colors and texture of fibers.

The Daily Knitter wishes Natialie and Namaste Farms much success. From one fiber fanatic to another, this yarn is what we live for!

Visit Namaste Farms Wool and Fiber’s website at http://www.namastefarms.com


Knitting/Spinning, Yoga, Fiber Farm Tour!!!

Namaste Farms is having a farm tour open to the public! Come and learn about farm, flock, fiber and fitness! Please go to google maps, Namaste Farms, for directions. Don’t forget to RSVP with Daily Fiber Yarn Co.