In February, MTV Teen Cribs came to film Namaste Farms.  Connery was the host of  the Namaste Farms episode and he did a great job.  MTV flew two film crews from New York City and they spent all day filming.  They filmed the entire ranch and showed Natalie shearing one of her colored angora goat’s, Cloudspun Trevor. They also filmed her yarn and some shots of her actually spinning a skein. Even though the MTV crew LOVED the yarns, animals and farm; Connery was the main attraction.  In fact, they called Connery after editing the episode and told him it was one of the best episodes they have ever created!

We just recently viewed the commercial for the Namaste Farms episode and Connery was in a speaking role.  We are so proud of our animals and farm; and yes, our oldest son, Connery.  Keep an eye out, you just may see Namaste Farms on MTV!


Thank You Sprouts Natural Market!

I am really trying to be more “green.”  Everyday, I pick up refuse vegetables from two local health food markets for my animals.  One of the markets is Sprouts (thank you Linda and staff) and the other I have to keep a secret (but thank you so much Mark and Sergio).  I know that is very anti-climactic but I don’t want to A.  Get anyone in trouble B. Share my bounty.  What I can say is, both markets have excellent quality control because the vegetables they throw out are as good as what we used to buy at Ralph’s.  Honest! I will never eat cauliflower with mold on it again (we used to trim it off).  Nor will I ever, ever peel lettuce that is yellow or wilty.  These markets huck anything not perfect because they want you to have gorgeous and healthy food; not food that is starting to wilt or mold.  What makes me happy is that my animals also benefit from their quality control.


“My Chicken” Makes Me a Grandma

My Chicken has chicks now.  I know, it is winter, almost Christmas, but I am merrily hatching.  If My Chicken is going to lay eggs, I am going to incubate them.  This little pullet is my favorite chicken, hence the name, “My Chicken.”  I honestly am coo-coo over her.  I purchased her from Chickedee Farms, Suzanne Reichard.  The dad of the chicks is a Silkie rooster who won Champion Featherleg at the Gold Coast Show (I did not own him then.)  I purchased him from Bobbi Porto and he is absolutely beautiful.  His name is Furgus and Dane is showing him on the circuit in California.  Look for Furgus being shown by Dane in the Spring.


Pacific Coast Bantam Show, Victorville

Jory and Jade doing their showmanship at a poultry show.

Jory and Jade doing their showmanship at a poultry show.

Here the girls are during Showmanship.  Showing poultry in Showmanship is very involved and difficult.  I am so proud of them for putting in the time it takes to learn this “art.”  In the regular poultry show, Jade’s Buff Brahma Bantam won Junior Reserve Champion Featherleg, Best of Breed and Best Variety.  I was very impressed with her because she chose that breed and that individual bird from the breeder, Doris Vosburg of Nipomo, Ca.  I didn’t want anymore breeds, but Jade saw the Bantam Buff Brahmas and fell in love. Doris let her choose one of the chicks, and Jadey chose a good one.


Caleb Fritel, My New Old Drum Teacher

I am back to having Caleb teach me drums.  He is really awesome and  has helped me tremendously.  Poor guy, we have put him through the gauntlet here, but he has come through the other side.  You should really check his music out on Myspace; Caleb Fritel; he is ultra talented.    Right now, I am working on The Beatles “Come Together,” Hendrix “Castles Made of Sand,” and Aerosmith “Walk This Way.” .  D


Murrieta Mustangs 4-H Poultry Project Chicken Skeleton

My Murrieta Mustangs 4-H poultry project-iers are putting together a chicken skeleton for the Science Fair. We are very proud.  Here is a picture of it (obviously incomplete) with the glue drying.  I just love this picture; it includes things some of my favorites:  Chicken and Starbucks.

Murrieta Mustangs 4H Poultry Project made a Chicken Skeleton!

Murrieta Mustangs 4H Poultry Project made a Chicken Skeleton!


My Anusara Teacher and Me

Doreen Wolf, The Yoga Wolf, and I have been hard at work doing yoga things.  I am very dedicated and it is finally paying off.  We had Sean take some pictures for her site;  here are some of them.  Oh, and check Lovalee out too.  She is so flexible it’s disgusting.


Seaside Feather Fanciers Ventura 2009

Seaside Feather Fanciers Bash at the Beach!

As many of you know, I am a 4-H leader for Murrieta Mustangs. This weekend, (Oct 24th), Lovalee, Jade, Jory and I went to an APA approved poultry show in Ventura, Ca. My girls showed in Showmanship and tied for first! Well, they were the ONLY contenders in Novice, but… I thought it was crafty that they somehow convinced him to give them both first place.

They also did very well in the poultry show. Jadey’s little white call duck from Showcase Stables in Kentucky received Junior Reserve Champion Duck, Junior Reserve Champion Waterfowl and APA Junior Reserve Champion Bantam Duck. I am so happy for her and so happy that Ceirae sold Jade such a nice little drake. Jory was also very happy, she showed three Blue Fawn Call Ducks and the little hen took Best Breed and Best Variety. Her little Blue Fawn Drake took Reserve Variety. I showed three of my poultry; a white Showgirl from Chickedee Farms in Riverside (first and Best Variety), a blue call pullet from Holderreads (BB, BV) and a little blue call drake from Holderreads (first). We are very proud of our poultry. Every bird we showed won a ribbon!