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Lovalee Potter and Sean Redding both in Business!

My favorite, Lovalee, and my wonderful husband, Sean, are officially “in business.”  As many of you know my husband has a recording studio appropriately called, the Recording Farm (http://www.recordingfarm.com) and he is now officially Lovalee Potter’s manager.  Lovalee has a new website http://www.lovalee.com and you can listen to her music at http://www.myspace.com/simplylovalee.  Lovalee was very fortunate to have some input from Peter Grenader (EAR Group) who is well known and touted for his analog synthesizers.  Some of the bands using his equipment are Nine Inch Nails, John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Gun’s and Roses.  He is a big fan of Lovalee’s and wrote a letter to her saying. “…your voice in the sustained notes it’s breath taking. I can see why many producers are going to want to work with you.  Your vibrato reminds me of Grace Slick’s (Jefferson Airplane/Starship).”  Coming from someone like Peter Grenader who is a tremendously experienced and talented musician, that was quite a compliment.

Lovalee looking SMOKING!

Sean is also working with another very up and coming musician, Caleb Fritel, as an engineer and co-producer. Please go to http://www.myspace.com/calebfritel to listen to Caleb. Caleb is also in a band, Starving for Gravity, they are currently recording with the famed music producer, Michael Lloyd.  Besides these projects, Sean is recording “voice-overs” for an exercise video and embarking on several other projects with talented musicians.

Many people are curious about how Connery, my oldest son, likes Chico State.  He says, ‘I have my plate full!”  Connery is studying Music Technology and we are hoping he will come home after graduation and work at the family business (not farming, I gave that dream up a long time ago!).  Check back to see what is going on here and what projects Lovalee and Sean are embarking on.

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