Every class which Namaste Farms animals entered were winners. In the Bluefaced Leicester pair ewe lambs, Lovalee and Nat won the class. Lovalee went on to win the separate Bluefaced Leicester Ewe Lamb class and then went up against yearling first place and 2nd place winners and won Reserve Championship. In the White Longwool Yearling ewe class, Maddie won handily with her amazing 8 inch staple fleece, completely wowing the Judge. She then went on to win White Champion Longwool ewe. In the NCWGA Longwool Yearling Ram class, our Gotland/Wensleydale ram won the class and then went on to win the Championship. Similarly, in the NCWGA Yearling Ewe class, our Gotland/Wensleydale yearling ewe won her class and then went on to win the Championship. I even won a prize in the Women’s Lead class later Saturday evening with one of my mohair scarves. I was second place against 22 entries and was completely shocked when it was announced on the loud speaker. A fellow Bluefaced Leicester breeder told me to enter at the last minute and I just grabbed the closest scarf in my display. I went up against some amazing knitted items and was truly shocked that my hand spun and simply knitted scarf was so worthy.

On a sad note, my truck was broken into and all my flash drives with my children’s baby pictures were stolen.  My camera with all the BSG pictures also fell victim.  I was devastated about the loss but realized I still have my children and so pictures don’t really matter.  This was an exercise in letting go; I just kept reminding myself.   Oddly enough, a BSG photographer inadvertently sent me a few shots he had taken of Maddie and me.  At least I have one 2008 BSG memory captured in a photograph.  Keep checking back for news.  Martin Dally and I are partnering on some Wensleydale ewes and he is coming to AI my animals in August.  Also, September brings Oregon Flock and Fiber.  I will be showing some percentage Gotlands, Wenslydales and some beautiful angora goats.


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