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The Daily Knitter Yarn Review!!!

Namaste Farms Wool and Fiber

Try and imagine the most beautiful, luxurious yarn you can think of. Dream up the most vibrant colors and rich textures — a real feast for the eyes. That picture in your head is exactly what was sent to us by Namaste Farms Wool and Fiber. Owner and Shepherdess Natalie Redding raises, shows, and shears her own sheep and goats from her Southern California farm. She takes great pride in shearing, washing, dying and spinning the yarn herself. And boy, it sure shows.

The one-of-a-kind yarn Natalie creates she refers to as “Accent Yarns,” meaning it’s ideal for combining with commercial yarns as embellishment or fringe. The skeins sizes vary, but the yardage is typically small. Our care package included a drop-dead gorgeous scarf, illustrating the possibilities when merging multiple colors and texture of fibers.

The Daily Knitter wishes Natialie and Namaste Farms much success. From one fiber fanatic to another, this yarn is what we live for!

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Knitting/Spinning, Yoga, Fiber Farm Tour!!!

Namaste Farms is having a farm tour open to the public! Come and learn about farm, flock, fiber and fitness! Please go to google maps, Namaste Farms, for directions. Don’t forget to RSVP with Daily Fiber Yarn Co.



In February, MTV Teen Cribs came to film Namaste Farms.  Connery was the host of  the Namaste Farms episode and he did a great job.  MTV flew two film crews from New York City and they spent all day filming.  They filmed the entire ranch and showed Natalie shearing one of her colored angora goat’s, Cloudspun Trevor. They also filmed her yarn and some shots of her actually spinning a skein. Even though the MTV crew LOVED the yarns, animals and farm; Connery was the main attraction.  In fact, they called Connery after editing the episode and told him it was one of the best episodes they have ever created!

We just recently viewed the commercial for the Namaste Farms episode and Connery was in a speaking role.  We are so proud of our animals and farm; and yes, our oldest son, Connery.  Keep an eye out, you just may see Namaste Farms on MTV!