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Seaside Feather Fanciers Ventura 2009

Seaside Feather Fanciers Bash at the Beach!

As many of you know, I am a 4-H leader for Murrieta Mustangs. This weekend, (Oct 24th), Lovalee, Jade, Jory and I went to an APA approved poultry show in Ventura, Ca. My girls showed in Showmanship and tied for first! Well, they were the ONLY contenders in Novice, but… I thought it was crafty that they somehow convinced him to give them both first place.

They also did very well in the poultry show. Jadey’s little white call duck from Showcase Stables in Kentucky received Junior Reserve Champion Duck, Junior Reserve Champion Waterfowl and APA Junior Reserve Champion Bantam Duck. I am so happy for her and so happy that Ceirae sold Jade such a nice little drake. Jory was also very happy, she showed three Blue Fawn Call Ducks and the little hen took Best Breed and Best Variety. Her little Blue Fawn Drake took Reserve Variety. I showed three of my poultry; a white Showgirl from Chickedee Farms in Riverside (first and Best Variety), a blue call pullet from Holderreads (BB, BV) and a little blue call drake from Holderreads (first). We are very proud of our poultry. Every bird we showed won a ribbon!