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“My Chicken” Makes Me a Grandma

My Chicken has chicks now.  I know, it is winter, almost Christmas, but I am merrily hatching.  If My Chicken is going to lay eggs, I am going to incubate them.  This little pullet is my favorite chicken, hence the name, “My Chicken.”  I honestly am coo-coo over her.  I purchased her from Chickedee Farms, Suzanne Reichard.  The dad of the chicks is a Silkie rooster who won Champion Featherleg at the Gold Coast Show (I did not own him then.)  I purchased him from Bobbi Porto and he is absolutely beautiful.  His name is Furgus and Dane is showing him on the circuit in California.  Look for Furgus being shown by Dane in the Spring.

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  1. The chickens look amazing! Great job! d.

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