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Thank You Sprouts Natural Market!

I am really trying to be more “green.”  Everyday, I pick up refuse vegetables from two local health food markets for my animals.  One of the markets is Sprouts (thank you Linda and staff) and the other I have to keep a secret (but thank you so much Mark and Sergio).  I know that is very anti-climactic but I don’t want to A.  Get anyone in trouble B. Share my bounty.  What I can say is, both markets have excellent quality control because the vegetables they throw out are as good as what we used to buy at Ralph’s.  Honest! I will never eat cauliflower with mold on it again (we used to trim it off).  Nor will I ever, ever peel lettuce that is yellow or wilty.  These markets huck anything not perfect because they want you to have gorgeous and healthy food; not food that is starting to wilt or mold.  What makes me happy is that my animals also benefit from their quality control.

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